Luxurious living in the
historic centre of Bratislava

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Future meets history

In the historic old town of Bratislava, the venerable Palais Esterházy, a jewel of princely history, is undergoing a unique transformation. At the prestigious address Kapitulská 6-8, one of the oldest streets in the Slovakian metropolis, the past and the modern merge into a harmonious ensemble.

Behind the elegant façade of the illustrious palace, exclusive residential and commercial units as well as serviced apartments await you, preserving the splendour of past times while meeting the high demands of modern life. Discover an extraordinary architectural heritage and seize the rare opportunity to become part of this impressive metamorphosis.

Palais Esterházy
  • Historic Esterházy Palace in the Old Town
  • 20 exclusive condominiums
  • 14 serviced apartments/commercial units
  • Some with balcony or roof terrace
  • 3 to 6 rooms with sizes from 70 to 160 m²
  • Underground car park with 142 parking spaces
  • DGNB gold certification is being sought
  • Heating energy requirement S2: 149,0 kWh/m²a
  • Heating energy requirement S3–S5: 23,0–25,0 kWh/m²a
Palais Esterházy by night
Iocn history

Eight centuries and
a precious heritage

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Palais Esterházy and experience a journey through the defining periods. From its historical origins to the visionary present, the history of the Palais is as fascinating as it is complex. Shaped by a wide variety of influences and eras, the palace in the heart of Bratislava is today considered a remarkable architectural heritage.

13th century
14th century
1563 to 1830
Circa 1645
Circa 1770

13th century
The building is mentioned for the first time in the annals as the site of various educational institutions for the clergy.

13th century

14th century
With the construction of the city wall, Kapitulská became an integral and distinct part of the cityscape.

City wall

The solemn consecration of St. Martin's Cathedral marked a significant moment in the city's history.

St Martin's Cathedral

1563 to 1830
With the relocation of the coronation ceremony to Bratislava, the city rose to become a royal stage.

1563 to 1830

Circa 1645
The construction of Esterházy Palace by Count Nikolaus Esterházy made an architectural statement.

Count Nikolaus Esterházy

Maria Theresa's important coronation ceremony led through the historic Kapitulská.

Royal procession

Circa 1770
Joseph Haydn, working as Kapellmeister (court composer) for Prince Nikolaus I Esterházy, gave several concerts at Esterházy Palace.

Prince Nicholas I Esterházy

Count Nikolaus Esterházy, a great patron of Franz Liszt, died in Bratislava.

Franz Liszt

The street wing was taken over by the Czechoslovak-Hungarian Society for Science and Art.

Bratislava Old Town

Raiffeisen Property Holding International acquired the project and began a new era.


Kapitulská, home of the Faculty of Theology and the seminary, remained the street of the priesthood.

Street of the Priesthood

The renovation of Palais Esterházy as a residential and office ensemble will be completed in compliance with strict monument protection regulations.

Logo Plaias Esterházy
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Unique residences with history


Fantastic view over the roofs of Bratislava

Fantastic view over the roofs of Bratislava

Extraordinary room experience

Extraordinary room experience

Attractive terraces with glass sliding doors

Attractive terraces with glass sliding doors

Bright living spaces thanks to floor-to-ceiling wooden windows

Bright living spaces thanks to floor-to-ceiling wooden windows

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Sustainable reinterpretation with style

Our promise is the preservation of historical heritage combined with unparalleled sustainability and top quality:
We are committed to preserving the historic heritage, coupled with unparalleled sustainability and top quality: In our elegant condominiums, you will find an ideal symbiosis of timeless elegance, classic beauty, and urban lifestyle. The exterior, influenced by the preservation of monuments, impresses with its characteristic charm, while the lavishly renovated rooms inside shine in new splendour. The innovative design creates a harmonious bridge between the elegance of past centuries, modern comfort, and environmental responsibility.

Our commitment to sustainability shows in comfortable heating and cooling systems that are entirely C02 emission-free. This highlights our efforts to combine historic substance with environmentally friendly technologies while at the same time reducing operating costs. With prestigious entrances, spacious room heights, and sophisticated designs, each apartment radiates an atmosphere that reflects smart technology and a modern, sustainable lifestyle.

Palais Esterházy eat-in kitchen
  • Environmentally friendly water heat pump
  • Comfortable underfloor heating
  • Energy efficient chilled ceilings
  • Modern double washbasins
  • Freestanding bath
  • Floor-level glass shower
  • Individually selectable equipment
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Serviced apartments/Commercial

Serviced apartments and commercial units

The Palais offers a total of 14 exclusive units for commercial use. Each unit is available for individual occupancy, although there is also the possibility of purchasing or renting an entire building. The rooms offer a wide range of potential uses, from stylish offices to comfortable serviced apartments to charming cafes.

The versatile business premises are perfect for lawyers or doctors. Each unit is designed to reflect the unique character of Palais Esterházy while at the same time offering a modern and efficient working environment.

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Luxury underground car park

Luxury underground car park

Independent of the unique old town location, the Palais offers modern comfort in the form of an underground car park with 142 parking spaces. Two state-of-the-art, fully automatic parking lifts efficiently distribute vehicles over four floors.

An access tunnel leading directly from Staroměstská Street, Bratislava's pulsating main artery, provides a direct connection. Palais Esterházy thus combines modern luxury with historical beauty and allows you to become the proud owner of one of the few underground parking spaces in this sought-after location.

Download underground garage folder

Beautiful, spacious courtyard

Beautiful, spacious courtyard

Attractive design of the open spaces

Attractive design of the open spaces

The courtyard becomes an urban oasis

The courtyard becomes an urban oasis

Direct connection to the historic old town

Direct connection to the historic old town

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Exclusivity meets connectivity

Magnificent Palais Esterházy is located in Staré Mesto, in the prestigious district of Bratislava I, in the middle of the charming old town. Opulent lifestyle comes together here with future-oriented urban planning. A green pedestrian plateau is to be built above the adjacent Staroměstská Street, which will lend the location added attractiveness in the future.

Couple shopping

Deluxe shopping experience

Laurinská Street, only a few minutes' walk from Palais Esterházy, offers luxury shopping par excellence. Whether D&G, Versace or GUCCI, fashionistas’ hearts beat faster here. Nearby Eurovea shopping centre rounds off the exclusive shopping experience.


First-class educational opportunities

International schools such as the Deutsche Schule Bratislava, The English International School, The Cambridge International School and The British International School are within easy reach and offer excellent educational opportunities.

Palais Esterházy
Bratislava Castle
St. Martin’s Cathedral
Michael's Gate
Primate’s Palace
Presidential Palace
Twin City Liner
National Gallery
National Theatre

Kapitulská 6-8, Bratislava 1

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History, luxury and nature

Experience Bratislava in all its glory: history and the present unite in harmonious symphony in the Slovakian capital. Enjoy a world-class quality of life and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage that makes Bratislava on the Danube so unique.

Vibrant cultural scene

Visit the Slovak National Theatre, the Philharmonic Hall and the National Gallery to feel the pulse of Slovak culture up close. Enjoy a diverse cultural landscape that unfolds in numerous art exhibitions and musical highlights.

Culinary delights

Delicious surprises await you in Bratislava's exquisite restaurants and cafés. Taste superb dishes at Albrecht Restaurant, Savoy Étterem, Modrá Hviezda and let yourself be enticed by the sweet temptations of Kormuth Confectionery.

Architectural masterpieces

Discover Bratislava's majestic castle, historic St. Martin's Cathedral and the magnificent Grassalkovich Palace – all important historical monuments are within walking distance of Palais Esterházy. From the original UFO observation tower you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Danube metropolis.

Romantic wine region on the Danube

The Danube meanders picturesquely through Bratislava and leads you directly to the renowned wine-growing region of the Small Carpathians. Experience the richness of Slovakia's wine culture and enjoy exquisite drops amid idyllic vineyards that stretch right outside the city gates.

Variety of sports in Bratislava

Bratislava, situated on the lively Danube, is a paradise for sports enthusiasts. Discover the city on the extensive Danube cycle path or explore the numerous running routes that lead through historic parks and along impressive sights. Here, sporting activity combines with cultural enjoyment.

Palais Esterházy

“At Palais Esterházy, history and modernity merge to create a unique dream home. Enjoy your future in the splendour of past times.”

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Your new home awaits you

Palais Esterházy combines the amenities of past centuries with all the comforts of today. To make this vision a reality, our entire team is committed every day to pushing the construction work forward with passion and the highest demands in terms of quality.

For more information, please fill out the contact form.


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Daniel Fellner
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